Valentine’s Lookbook

Look 1

Bodysuit – H&M (Black version)

Trousers – Footasylum womens

Heels – In The Style

I really enjoyed this shoot, mixing sportswear and lingerie is something I’m definitely looking to create a lookbook around soon. The fact underwear as outerwear is a trend now, it helps to push your wardrobes and to get even more creative!

IMG_2590_DSC4914_DSC4985 (1)

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Look 2

Top – H&M

Butterfly necklace – Neck On The Line

Initial necklace – Neck On The Line

Socks – H&M

A simple shoot but all the hearts and rose petals (scroll down further) make it ‘valentines’ right? Isn’t it funny how we may feel more comfortable posting swimwear pics than underwear, or should I say it’s more ‘acceptable’. Self love is something I’m pushing in 2019 for myself and for others, confidence is so empowering, rewarding and just amazing.

You can’t expect anyone to love you, until you love yourself.

_DSC4320 (1) _DSC4282 (2) _DSC4613 (2)

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Look 3

Full outfit is H&M (old stock)

I love this shoot, we experimented with turning the lights to a red hue, this creates a real valentines feel, but proved difficult with editing and therefore the quality of them isn’t the best (The vibe is still there tho).

P.s I found this massive tinsel heart months ago on the street outside a charity shop with a ‘free’ sign,  and I knew from looking at it, that I could make use of it within a shoot. It has definitely proven useful for that!

_DSC2881_DSC2882 _DSC2950

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Look 4

Full outfit is again all H&M but old stock.

These shots were taken last year but I thought I’d still include them in this blog, It’s great to look back a year and to see how Colls and I have progressed within photography, editing and styling. 

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Kathryn Cave

23... documenting my life adventures within travel, photography & fashion

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