Yeezy Waverunner Review

The hype kick has re-arrived… With a bang…

That’s right, the Waverunners have returned, previously release in 2017, this kick is most definitely what started the whole ‘controversial’ chunky dad trainer trend, which a lot are here for and others are far from a fan. Retailing at £250 it’s not a kick to mistreat 😫

What does £250 get you? Other than the most sought-after kick at this current moment? You get an eye-catching trainer, with grey, black, teal and striking orange accents, neon laces, nylon and suede features, hidden reflective parts (one part being the hidden 3 stripes on each side) and not forgetting the Boost technology in the midsole.

I copped mine through Offspring’s instagram raffle (massive shoutout to Offspring as always), and went down to London on the 15th September to pick them up. Amiee came with, as she was picking up as well.

After my Yeezy 500’s being a tad too tight and having to take the insole out, I decided to go up half a size to a UK 6 with the 700’s, and it was a very good decision! If I had stuck with my shoe size, these would’ve been just as tight, even though it’s a different silhouette.

So I would definitely recommend going up at least half a size with Yeezy’s.

As Offspring and Selfridges are always busy and hectic, we went to find a quiet street to put the kicks on, I had come prepared with a new can of Crep Protect, so I sprayed the life out of both our pairs. Thank

This time around, we didn’t get many joint photos as we ran out of time, but even still, some great shots were captured and you’ll be able to see them below.

Be sure to find this post on Offspring’s Insta!

Overall I’m obsessed with this kick and I have been ever since I first saw them, I’m so here for the chunky trainer trend and a lot of the time, they’re so damn comfortable as well as being so stylish. A downside to the 700’s would be (other than the price) is that you have to really think about how you’d style these with an outfit, due to the colour way it can make outfit creating hard.

Nonetheless I personally think the 700’s are the best Yeezy drop yet and I’m very grateful to have them in my possession.

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