A Secret.

WARNING! This is a very long blog post, but stick with it, read it to the end and let me know your thoughts.

This blog post will be a little different to what I normally post, I would also like to state that anything written here, unless quoted, is my own opinion and my take on things.

So, something came to my attention this year and I can honestly say it has started to change my life, I have been meaning to write a blog on this topic for quite a few months now but never got round to it, until today. I’ve decided to sit here and write about this topic today because, after months of researching and applying it to my own life, I have been able to start helping others with the knowledge I have, I’m also starting to see such a positive effect, so I thought it was only right to finally write about it….

If you’re aware already, you’d probably have guessed what this blog is based on especially from the title, but if you’re still feeling in the dark, let me explain…

There is something out there known as ‘The Law Of Attraction’ from which a book ‘The Secret’ is based on and around. In the most simple way, the Law of Attraction is the ability to attract whatever we focus on, into our lives in both positive or negative ways. So basically, whatever you think of, that thought is then materialised into your real life. For example; if you focus on a goal you really want to achieve, let’s say your dream job, that dream job will come to you, by using the Law of Attraction and the rules of The Secret. The same applies to a negative thought – bringing about a negative reaction.

Now that I have briefly explained all about this blogs topic, you’re probably thinking what a load of rubbish, I’ll just prefer to stop reading now, (but don’t, do continue reading, trust me). I can honestly say I was 100% like this when a friend of mine first starting talking to me about Law of Attraction; and all relating subjects. I didn’t want to know and I didn’t believe in any of it, it all sounded like mumbo jumbo to me.

For a long long time, I had been quite a negative person, always seeing the bad side of things, always preparing myself for the worse, being so annoyed with stupid things within my work and personal life. – insert grumpy cat image- I can hand on my heart say that not only have others seen a difference in me, within this year, but I have also seen the difference myself.

One thing I would like to say is that this whole subject isn’t something you just pick up straight away, I strongly believe that it’ll choose you when the time is right in your life, obviously don’t let this stop you researching, but don’t be expecting it all to make sense and you to be interested straight away… Your time will come.

For me, as I said, when I was first introduced to it, I wasn’t interested. I had never heard of Law of Attraction or The Secret before in my life (honestly) my awareness came about from when a friend at work (Maggie) started telling me her experiences and what she was telling me sort of blew my mind a little….

Maggie started doing this exercise where in the morning she would think of something completely random, and then see if it would turn up in her day in any form. (Thoughts becoming reality) Nobody knew her chosen word and I had no idea she was even trialling this exercise. We were working away in silence, we hadn’t spoken much that morning and I randomly came out with the fact I’d nearly hit a fox when driving home the night before. She instantly sat me down, explained her exercise, and the fact ‘fox’ was her word of the day… Now I’m fully aware that people will say oh that’s just luck, but then came her lottery story….

Okay, again I know you’re thinking oh that’s such luck, and half of me believed it was her thoughts, positivity and mindset that made these things subconsciously become reality, and half of me still disbelieved. So after a couple of weeks or so I decided to try it for myself, I only decided to try it out it for myself because of what started to happen in between her story and my word exercise….

Just to recap I had NEVER heard of anything along the lines of these topics before… I went home and told my family about Maggie’s stories and I kid you not, every day, Law of Attraction or The Secret appeared in my life, either someone mentioned it on a TV show, or I was having off-topic conversations with people and they’d bring it up. More and more it was showing up in my life, maybe I was more aware now, or maybe it was a sign. I took it as a sign and started to read The Secret.

Throughout the book, there are different exercises stated in there which you can try out and apply to your life, so I took a couple and did just that.

Before I went to sleep I would replay the day I’d had (from the moment I woke, till being back in bed at the end of the day) I’d replay everything, morning routine, driving to work, people I spoke to, drive home etc etc. Although, anything negative that happened, I would change it into the positive version. So say you had an argument with someone, when you reached that part in your ‘playback’ you’d change the argument to a positive uplifting conversation. (When you replay a negative situation into a positive one, it instantly makes you feel happier because that’s what positivity does). So once I’d replayed my day, I would then plan out my next day, now for me, a massive thing was to be able to get the best parking spaces at work. Where I park it’s all free, on the road parking about 10 minutes away from work, and like anywhere there are ‘the best top spaces’ now for the whole year I’d been driving, I don’t think I’d ever (apart from maybe once or twice) had these spaces. So my day plan would be, morning routine, great drive to work, top space, great working day, great drive home. I’d wake up every morning, say a couple of positive phrases, then whilst brushing my teeth etc I’d list all the things I’m grateful for in my head, get in the car and drive to work. I am not lying when I say at least 3 or 4 days in my 5 day week I had top car park spaces…

After this happened, I was convinced that I needed to start researching more and changing the way my mind works and thinks, it’s 1000%, not something that just happens overnight, and to be honest I can’t tell you when it’ll happen for you, because it’s different for everyone and so many factors will affect it.

My whole point of this blog is, I am now quite a few months on from first hearing about Law of Attraction and I am convinced that so many things have come into my life (opportunities, people, experiences) because of my positively progressing mindset and they will continue to do so.

Yes it’s a long road and yes it’s hard and yes I am still learning. I do fall off on quite a lot of things (i.e swearing, or even using negative words or phrases and even my before bed thinking routines) but you have to think that, for sooooooo long we’ve all been taught a certain way to think and do in life, so to start changing that is a process, but it is a process that 100% of everyone can do.

You can find The Secret in a book, YouTube or film form. Will Smith, Jim Carrey, Oprah, Shakespeare, Newton and Einstein are all examples of people who had and do apply Law of Attraction and The Secret to their lives. Any information on them you can easily find online. One of my favourite stories is ‘Jim Carrey and the $10 million cheque

I could sit here and list so many quotes or phrases, I shan’t do that, but what I will say is that from today, start doing what you love, even if it’s just a bit of research, get the ball rolling. This is your year to fly, your year to prove people wrong, your year to excel and become everything you’ve always wanted to be.

At the start of the year, Maggie mentioned about it being the year of the butterfly. Today I made the point of saying that when it comes to a caterpillars evolution, you hardly see many caterpillars around but butterflies are much easier to see. Therefore you hardly see the work and effort people put into becoming what they are and what they’re achieving right now. Never look at someone and think they are who they are without much effort, their journey would’ve been a lot of hard work and maybe even a lot of ‘failure’ it wouldn’t have been easy and to this day they will still be learning and growing.

I feel like I have covered enough but I could honestly sit here for hours discussing different points, every day and sometimes even every hour a new thought comes to my mind which makes me seriously think and a lot of the time think ‘wow’.

So on that note, I shall end this blog, if anyone has ANY questions feel free to drop me a message, use either the contact me tab or find me on Instagram I’ll be happy to answer any questions or comments as best as I can.

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