Neon Is Back

When I think of neon colours I instantly think back to when I was younger. My friends and I would dress up in neon tutu’s, leg warmers, tights, shoes and accessories. We may have even gone down to the shops dressed like that!

Then there’s the “ergh neon is so tacky” phase, where neon is seen as ‘childish’

We all grow up, start thinking for ourselves and realise that when it comes to fashion you can create an outfit, or a piece of clothing, and wear it, however the hell you want.

When I saw this neon sports bra, straight away I was wondering what I’d be able to pair it with (rather than using it for its purpose of the gym). I threw together an all-white outfit so that the neon top would be the pop of colour. You can pair neon in multiple other ways – with black, or more of the same neon colour. Literally anything! Just get creative.

TopH&M Neon Yellow Sports Bra

Jacket – H&M White Denim Jacket (old season)

TrousersPretty Little Thing White Cargo Trousers

TrainersNike Air Force 1 Mid

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Kathryn Cave

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