Skinny Dip Focus Group…

On Monday 11th June I was invited down to Skinny Dip to join in on a focus group, to give my opinion on their upcoming collections. So straight after work I jumped on the train to head to Waterloo where I was meeting my friend, and from there we made our way to the office for the 6:30 pm meet!

We arrived a little early, so sat outside enjoying the amazing weather until we were called inside. The office itself was so cute with one wall covered in sequins and another wall with a really cute bag display and above, a neon ‘Skinny Dip London’ sign. In total, I would say there were about 10 girls there for the group, each with their own style and opinions which I loved. Some real tasty pizza and juice were provided for us and they had music playing, everything made the atmosphere so fun and welcoming.

The point of being there was to be shown some of their upcoming designs and to give our opinions and thoughts on each item, we discussed each item and then as a group, ranked them from fav to least fav. We were also given the chance to suggest new ideas for the brand to think about. Once we had gone through all the items and talked, we were handed a goodie bag full of cute little goodies, and then we were on our way back home.

The staff members there were all so welcoming, lovely and were really open to what we had to say, I went with the impression that the evening would be fun, as that is what the brand is always portraying. The girls and the evening really proved this and showed the brand to be as fun as you see online!

Overall, I had such a great time and I’m so glad I went. This whole experience was also very important to myself, to see if I could go all the way to London and be in a room full of strangers and speak out in front of them all, of which I did in fact do. So for myself, I’m very grateful for the experience and I have proved to myself that you can’t always be quiet and shy in life! Putting yourself out there can really get you places and open you up to so many new things.

I can’t give much away but make sure you keep your eyes peeled for the new stock coming our way this year, I will defo be purchasing some bits for myself!

🌹✨Start saying ‘yes’ to more things and then take that event/ activity/ experience you’re saying yes to and play out your perfect scenario. Don’t stress over the negativities or even, don’t think up any negativities about the situation. Just say YES and do it, you can really impress yourself✨🌹

*Disclaimer* I was in no way paid to go to this focus group, nor paid to do this blog, I responded to an Instagram story the company put up asking for people to come down to give their opinions.

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