How I styled… Nike’s M2K Tekno in ‘Pink Foam’

Firstly… shoutout Offspring for the re-drop. (Offspring IG)

So I haven’t treated myself to any new kicks in a while, and neither have I won any of the raffles (I shan’t be taking anymore L’s on these raffles watch this space….) these trainers were – like many recent kicks – looked hella chunky, too chunky on pic for my lil self, but then I started to see them on foot in pic and I was more convinced and started to fall in love. So then came the launch date and I slept through it… To say I normally sleep in past even 8 would be a lie, so the fact I missed the drop due to sleeping is mad!

I was a little mad but money was saved 🤷‍♀️ and then a couple of weeks ago I opened my insta as normal and Offsprings post was at the top and it was the Tekno’s restocked! I clocked that the post was from 3 hours prior so I was reading to see SOLD OUT. Evidently, they weren’t sold out, so I literally clicked my size and purchased without any thought. 2 days later they arrived and I’ve never been so in love, they’re so comfy, fit so well and don’t look out of proportion.

The weekend came, I searched through my clothes to find an outfit to style them with, got Colls and went into the garden where we have a pink rose bush, so all of that paired with the sun created some great pictures!


Most photo shoots are creative in some way, this time around we had the help of petals and the wind…

Trainers – M2K Tekno ‘Pink Foam’

Socks – Calvin Klein

Joggers – Pretty Little Thing (old)

Top – H&M (old men’s)q

Chain – Supply Bloq (keep checking for restock)

Sunglasses – Primark

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