Day Three… Our Last Full Day

For our final day, we decided we wouldn’t venture too far out. We had a quick google and found some places to visit, our first destination was Saint Maria Delle Grazie (A church in Milan which holds the painting of the ‘Last Supper’ by Leonardo Da Vinci)

I decided to dress up more this day, I had brought so many ‘summer holiday outfits’ but due to the weather I didn’t get to make the most out of them, so for this day I settled for a print tie-up top from Miss Pap, H&M black trousers and some heeled lace-up sandals, also H&M. Now the sandals weren’t high in the heel, but they didn’t half cut up my feet 😭 Even to this day, I still have evidence from them…

We jumped on the Metro to Cadorna and made our way to the church… We hadn’t booked to go inside we were basically just winging it. But when we turned up, other than a massive group of tourists, there was a funeral in attendance. I decided it wasn’t very respectful to take photos, therefore I didn’t get any of the building. We didn’t stay there long before heading to our next destination. (Between the church and our other two destinations we walked, we didn’t jump on any public transport) Our next destination was Porta Sempione which is the home of the Arco della Pace (a landmark arch) upon arrival there were…. construction works going on! This meant that photographs from either behind or in front of it wouldn’t have been great! Again, no photos were taken but nonetheless, the arch is amazing and the architecture is incredible! Oh wait, I tell a lie, I’ve just checked my highlights from Milan on my personal IG and there is a rather crappy photograph on there, so head over to there to check it out! (Link at bottom of the blog)

After another situation which prevented taking pictures we continued on to Sforza Castle, by this point I was definitely regretting my shoe choice, although I wasn’t aware they would cut into my feet like they did! 😩 anyway, Sforza Castle is home to a lot of the cities art and museum collections. We had a walk around the grounds, weaving among the crowds of people before stopping and deciding to eat. There was a restaurant on site which we choose, after having a look at the menu and hearing two English women commenting on the coffee, we were about to go inside but we were stumped, as there were people everywhere, tables, but also two counters so we weren’t too sure what to do.. luckily a group of British people arrived, one spoke Italian and was able to reiterate to us how the restaurant worked! So we sat down and feasted on risotto and carbonara. During our meal, we noticed that the heavens had opened and my gosh they had! Thanks to our trusty umbrella (we’d purchased it whilst being out in Milan) we headed back to the Metro. Again due to my poor shoe choice I now had cut, cold, painful, wet feet 🤣

We took shelter in our apartment until the rain died down, It wasn’t until early evening when we ventured back out, I changed my outfit into something a lot more comfortable and for the last time we walked back up to Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, this time we took a lot more photos of each other inside the shopping mall rather than outside.

As the sun set I, in true Kathryn style, really fancied something sweet Macdonalds was nearby so we went up to the cafe and had a doughnut each 😋 We then started our walk back, stopping to take some more photographs down a really cute street we found. The walk was a lot longer than an hour, due to walking down the wrong street but we weren’t short of conversation so it went by pretty quick. Once back at the apartment we packed up ready for the morning and cooked chicken pasta, then had an early night due to flying in the morning.

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