Day Two… Exploring Como

Well, after staying in the apartment until like 1pm, we decided to head over to Como. Why did we stay in so late? Because of the weather, 😑 it was horrible when we woke up! so whilst watching old episodes of Spongebob and Big Bang (We were limited to what we could watch) I edited blog posts and googled ‘things to do in Milan when it rains’ whilst Colls watched anything and everything on YouTube and we kept an eye on the weather app, waiting for a time to venture out…

The afternoon came, we checked the weather for Como (it wasn’t forecasted to rain now until 5 pm ish) perfect! So we ventured out in the direction of the train station. I always get a bit worried about public transport in other countries as some can be confusing, the only confusing thing about the trains in Milan were the tickets… firstly they were very large! And you have to ‘stamp’ the ticket before you get on the train, otherwise, it isn’t valid. Unlike here where you buy a ticket and jump straight onto your train. We managed to work it out tho and the journey took about 1 hour, costing only €4.80 each!

Our plan was to just explore Como itself, we headed in the direction of the lake, stopping every now and then whenever we saw photo opportunities, these were mostly alleyways.

After doing a couple little photoshoots we decided to get something to eat, Macdonalds was close by so that was our choice, the self-serve machines are literally the best idea fast food chains have created. You can switch them to English and order with ease!

We fuelled up and continued our journey, coming across some of the cutest dogs! Colls asked the owner if he could take some photographs, the dogs started off posing all cute and then suddenly one switched on the other, and the outcomes are amazing! 😂

The view once we reached the lake was amazing! We took in the view, took photos of the view and then photos of us with the view. The fun was short lived when the rain started…. which proceeded to pour down! So we decided to make our way back to the apartment to call it a day.

Como was truly beautiful and I would definitely recommend it as a place to visit when in Milan.

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