Day 1… Flying out and exploring Milan

*Woken up by the 4 am alarm*

Yep…. 4 am was the time we had to wake up, this gave us enough time to pack the essentials we needed that morning, deodorant, toothbrush, phone chargers, to get dressed and the be in the car for 4:30 am to start the drive to Gatwick!

Our flight wasn’t until 7 am, but you know how it is, having to get to an airport so many hours before, and thank god we did! Not only was it busssssy at that time, FULL of families as the kids were on their Easter holidays, somebody… (Colls) didn’t take his liquids out of his carry on, therefore we were waiting at security for ages getting that sorted! Once we reached departures our flight was already boarding, we hadn’t eaten breakfast so Collins wanted to grab something, after that we rushed down to our gate, just to join a long queue. We were so nearly ready to get onto the plane and then a lady comes along and states there was no more room for carry-ons, therefore anything too big to fit under the seat, had to go in the hold. This meant my suitcase 😑 normally you can say this would be fine, but inside my carry-on I had my handbag with my money headphones iPad etc in it (as with easy-jet you’re only allowed 1 carry on bag) I was allowed to take out anything I wanted on the flight, therefore I was having to navigate a queue, sliding my suitcase along the floor, trying to remove anything I needed without holding the queue up. Stressss! 🤯

Anyway, we got onto the plane, listened to music, played games on the iPads, ate bacon sandwiches, drank hot chocolate and flew over the Alps! What a sight that was, wow!

Once we landed and after working out how baggage claim worked, we then had to work out how we would get to our apartment. Collins was determined for us to stay in an apartment rather than a hotel – this is something he has done before and I haven’t (and it’s not a bad decision to make) we jumped in an Uber and travelled approx 9 mins to the apartment, where we found out….. Colls had supposedly CANCELLED… I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t prepared to drop kick him there and then.

After what felt like forever, it turns out the lady on the phone got us mixed up with someone else and in fact, we still had the reservation… phew. We checked in, dropped our bags and decided to make the hour walk towards the Duomo. As we were in a city we’d never visited before we decided to do the walk rather than take public transport, as this was a better way to see the city and take photographs!

During our walk we noticed that many buildings had garage door shutters down, we realised the next day that these are actually local shops, and due to it being Sunday, they were closed. Each one had graffiti art on them, which resembled what the shop was selling.

Being a Sunday you can quite imagine how busy a tourist attraction would be… not only with it being a weekend, but the beautiful sunny warm weather helped this! It was literally t-shirt weather for the first time this year!

As expected, we took a couple of photographs of the Duomo and of us by the building. We only dropped our bags at the apartment and therefore didn’t change out of our comfy matching flight clothes. Nonetheless, we captured some good photographs, even featuring pigeon photobombs. 🙄

We obviously had to experience the Duomo properly so, therefore, we bought two fast passes as the queue for standard entry was so long, and wasn’t going to be getting smaller anytime soon. Before entering we decided to go and get something to eat, ice cream was on the menu for me! After staring at the counter for ages, I settled with a scoop of coffee and a scope of chocolate (obviously) and it was yummmmmmyyy! Colls had a milkshake of cookies + cream and vanilla.

After the ice-cream and a brief visit to the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele (Italy’s oldest shopping mall home to Gucci, Versace Prada etc.) we joined the fast track queue to enter the Duomo. Our passes meant we were able to get to the terraces by lift rather than stairs. Once out of the lift and at the top, the view was amazing, as was the architecture of the building! You could spend as long as you wanted walking the terraces and climbing up higher to the roof.

Our passes also meant we were able to visit the Cathedral, Archaeological area and the museum so we did visit them all and also the gift shop. I highly recommend getting the fast track that allows you to visit all of the above, it’s defiantly a must when visiting Milan!

Due to being out walking allll day, we decided to get the Metro back to where we were staying, it only cost €1.50 and you could even access the internet whilst underground, massive props for this!

After unpacking at the apartment, we went to a local supermarket to buy food for the short time we were there. We only had a hob to cook with, therefore had to cater the meals to that, but it was easy enough.

It was a long, eventful, exciting, tiring start to the trip, but all in all a great day with amazing weather! But then came the next two days…..

We flew with EasyJet and we stayed at BeHome Amaryllis in Lambrate. I highly highly recommend staying here, the apartment was so clean and came with a lot. The location is also very good (close to lots of transport links and local shops, and also only a 9 mins car journey from Linate Airport) the lady who dealt with us was very lovely and welcoming.

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