Catch-up with Blocks and Boundaries…

During my walk around at Snobcon, I came across Blocks and Boundaries, which is a streetwear brand… since then, I have caught up with the owner (Grant) and here is what he has to say about the brand.

Blocks and Boundaries website

1.So, what exactly is Blocks and Boundaries?

Blocks and Boundaries is a streetwear brand. We’re built from the from blocks, and our belief is that we’re not held back by our boundaries. The Block is where you’re from it’s part of who you are and what you’re about. Our brand is aimed at those who are proud of the block, proud of where they’re from. It’s their identity, and wherever they go they rep!

The boundaries are what we were told we cant do. That glass ceiling, this is where the journey stops. The brand is based on success, yes we’re from the block, so what! It’s given us drive, passion, grit, determination and perseverance. We’re here to break boundaries not be held back by them.

2.Who or what inspires you? 

For me, inspiration comes from many facets in my life. Growing up I fell in love with many different music genres all of which I still listen to. But the Grime and the UK urban scene is what resonates with me the most. The UK for decades took so much inspiration from the US and now the tables have turned. I grew up listening to pioneers like; Slimzee, Wiley, Dizzee, Roll Deep, Kano, Ghetts, The Movement, Nasty Crew, So Solid, Giggs to name a few. Now the whole scene is bursting with talent and that inspires me. For Londoners, and people in the urban sprawls of the UK, being creative isn’t just a hobby anymore it is a viable career choice

Fashion wise I have such a mad mix of inspiration. I’m a huge sneakerhead and growing up my collection has grown and shrunk and grown again. Air Max 90’s are probably my favourite silhouette and I’ve owned countless pairs over the years. Huge hype brands like Supreme and Bape I’ve got mad love for. Even streetwear staples from your Nike and Adidas I love how every aspect of these huge brands is rocked differently by different groups. I loved Evisu growing up and Iceberg. Evisu’s jeans for me are still some of the dopest ever and the Iceberg jumpers have always been a madness. 

For me hard work and overcoming struggles is what inspires me. People who wake up and go get it every day is so inspirational. We’re all running our own race and those who choose to work hard I’ve got mad love for.

3.Streetwear is massive within the fashion industry, how would you say you’re unique and stand out from other brands?

You’re right streetwear is huge. The industry is booming at the minute and it would be naive to sit here and make a cheesy slogan about ‘taking over’. What’s unique about my brand is it’s authenticity. I’m a Londoner, I’m from the block. I grew up in council housing and I’m grateful for every opportunity I’ve been given. I also know what it’s like to break boundaries to be successful and still stay true to who I am. I’ve worked hard and continue to do so. My designs and clothing hopefully come across that way and I know that people will resonate with what I’m trying to do.

4.What messages or phrases do you live by and therefore base your brand around?

Be the hardest worker in the room.

Hard work beats talent.

Stay positive, work hard, go get it.

I could go on and on but I think it gets cheesy haha. I think positivity is huge in life. That energy you bring to your day definitely reflects in what you get out of it. It’s hard, I know that, but trying to be positive is key to life, I genuinely believe that. Hard work is so important. It doesn’t matter what you do be the best you can. If you’ve done everything you can, the rest will follow. Leaving things to chance isn’t good enough. If you’ve done all you can and you’ve worked at it be proud. Now go beyond that. Analyse what can you do better and apply that next time. People recognise hard work and positivity

5.What benefits does your brand give to its customers? How do you inspire those who’d be looking to buy or continue to inspire those who already do?

Firstly you’ll get a really dope piece of clothing haha. My aim is to just keep going, inspire those to rep the block and show how you break boundaries. In the future you’ll definitely see campaigns from us engaging with customers trying to do just that; rep the block and break boundaries.

Ideally, I want customers to be happy with the product. Then we go from there really try to get to people through pop ups, events etc. Be a brand that’s really out there.

6.What are your plans for the future?

Well within the next 12-18 months definitely aim to have a full clothing range; hoodies, tracksuits, denim. I want to do more events, if Snobcon taught me anything its that people genuinely liked the brand, wanted to interact and believed in what we’re doing. I spent the whole day talking to other vendors, DJ’s, resellers and customers of course. We all had passion for the culture and that’s what it’s about spreading the positivity and expanding the culture. The culture’s here to take over.

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