The Sky Garden… Finally!

On the 17th, Collins and I finally visited the Sky Garden… the Sky Garden is located at 20 Fenchurch Street, it is a public space which gives you a 360 degree view across London, (the view of which, is amaaaazzzinggg) located inside of the building are landscaped gardens, observation decks, an open-air terrace with bars and restaurants.

The entry is free but obtaining tickets can be a bit tricky, there are a limited number of tickets available for each day. Tickets are released each Monday for the following week. (For example. Tickets would be released on Monday 26th Feb for the week commencing 6th March) You get to decide which time slot you would like (we went for 2:30) and you get an hour inside to explore.

On arrival you have to go through turnstiles, then through airport-like security and into an elevator to zoom up to the 35th floor, and my… It really does zoom up. Be prepared for your ears to go!

Although…. before we started our trip into the Sky Garden, we of course, stopped for a Starbucks 😋 instead of my normal, Iced Latte (of which I’m doing well with cutting down on coffee) I had the current limited edition of a Molton Hot Chocolate, but the Frappuccino version and Collins had the hot chocolate version. It was tassssstyyyy, the only issue I find with Starbucks frappuccinos is that they’re always very icy, but otherwise stopping off there was a good choice!

After our brief stop we walked over to the Sky Garden, now I love architecture photography (London being an amazing location for this) and once we reached the building… looking up at it made way for some amazing shots!

Once we had zoomed up to the top floor, we exited the lift.. the place was FULL of people and I’m not surprised as the whole experience is really quite something! You enter into a seated area with a bar, and in front is the exits to the open air terrace. You have the option to either go outside or to start your journey up the left or right-hand side of the building (as its 360 it doesn’t matter which way you go up)

The day we went, the weather itself was so lovely for viewing London, as the skies were pretty clear and the sun was beaming (not that you could feel the heat ☹️) some of the landmarks I spotted were, Tower of London, London Bridge, London Eye, Gherkin, BT Tower, St. Paul’s and the Shard, only to name a few.

After exploring around the Sky Garden, we decided to explore around London itself, we started by walking to the Tower of London and London Bridge, where we spent a while capturing the sun setting behind the Shard. After this, we walked over London Bridge (taking photos as we go) to the other side, and then slowly made our way to Waterloo, we made the most of capturing different images whilst there was still some sunlight. By the time we made it to Gabriel’s Pier the sun had completely gone, and we were able to admire the lights of London. Once we made it back to Waterloo, we jumped on the tube to Paddington and then the train home, where we had dinner at Zizzi’s and watched a late showing of Black Panther (yes I fell asleep during the movie – this happens a lot – this, however, doesn’t reflect how the movie was, it was pushing 10 pm and I was knackered from not stopping all day!)

All in all, it was a great day out, we captured loads of pics, had a glimpse of a really pleasant sunny day (minus the warmth) and ticked off more locations from our list!

Until next time! 😝💜

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