Throwback trip… October 12th

So back in October, we took a trip to London which I hadn’t documented, but I have posted some of the photos from the trip on Instagram… I don’t actually know why I hadn’t written about the trip 🤔 but here goes!

Destination… Richmond. Once we stepped off the train at Richmond station the first stop was Starbucks to of course get an iced latte! If you know me you’ll know I love me an iced latte 😋 (unless it’s winter then it’s all about the fudge hot chocolate) I managed to convince Collins (the mastermind behind the shots of me – click his name to be linked to his Instagram) to try some, but by his reaction I can confirm that it’s not for him at all (at least I don’t have to share!) it was then time to venture to Richmond Park, so following Google maps we started the journey, it took us even longer than it probably should have as we got distracted by the pretty sights, homes, cars and all the interesting sights we saw on the way. The journey was also made longer because we stumbled across the ‘terrace gardens’ the name kinda gives away what this was, a set of gardens and fields, that once you reached the top, you could see right across London.

After we spent a while exploring the terrace gardens and streets of Richmond we continued in the direction of Richmond Park… in hindsight this would’ve been the best time to stop, rest and have some food but instead we kept walking until we reached Richmond Park and even then we didn’t stop, only to take a couple photographs of the scenery, ourselves and the 1000’s of deer. Okay so 1000 might be a slight exaggeration but I can confirm, when people call it ‘deer park’ they aren’t lying! The Park is fullll of deer!

We walked all the way from the top of Richmond Park to Isabella plantation, which is basically at the bottom, I can’t say exactly how long it took, all I know is that it felt like forever! But it was fully worth it, Isabella plantation is somewhere that has been on my list for a while, well that and Richmond Park but mostly the plantation for all the beautiful flowers!

A while was spent exploring around the plantation taking photographs, trying not to get lost, spotting all the nature that was around. Before deciding it was probably a good time for food. So then we started the journey to find the exit of the park… this again took what felt like forever! We completely missed the pedestrian way out and ended up basically walking the road out against traffic, and only near the end of this walk we realised we’d been walking parallel to a path the whole time! Once we found the exit and did some Google mapping we realised it would take far too long to walk to a town, so we caught a bus to Kingston. We did very well to not enter a single shop! We found KFC, ate, visited the arcade for a bit – where we headed straight to the basketball machine to go head to head and then jumped on the train to Shepherd’s Bush.

We couldn’t get off at Shepherd’s Bush without visiting just a couple stores… we went into Louis Vuitton, Versace and Gucci, drooling over everything we wish we could’ve bought there and then, “one day” we told ourselves and continued our exploration of London… Notting Hill was the new destination, on our journey, we came across the ‘royal crescent’ which funny enough is a crescent of homes and it’s beautiful! This is the point where we said “shall we go this way and see where it leads us” my aim of visiting Notting Hill was to come across all those beautifully painted homes you see all over Instagram but unfortunately due to not exploring enough and getting sidetracked by the cutest cat (I for one, am a masssssive cat lover) we didn’t come across that many… we’ll have to go back someday and look properly.

It wasn’t long until it got dark and at that point, we decided it was probably best to start the journey back home.

Oh, btw we named the cat Mercedes.

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